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Emojized New Generation

Its shortcode and filter on the_content And here is the result:

Getting crazy

You are getting completeley crazy with emojized? Than you might get complete crazy with our other plugins like Time Tracking in WordPress or Theme sorting or plugin labeling. Just visit the for more information. Get involved with Twitter and let us know on what WordPress site you are working. Maybe its emojized? @wpplugindevcom emojized Launch

Happy to announce the official launch on So that means it passed the quality assurance and is ready for you to use. Its my 16th plugin and I am very happy about it. Check it out here Please don’t forget to buy me a coffe

emojized video

A short introduction into the emojized system how to install, activate and get started the plugin. Have fun!!! Please watch this on Youtube as we do not want to embed it here

What’s the emojized

The emojized is the attempt, bringing emojis to life. You like them, you see them everywhere. The emojized are the creative crowd of peole and not some individual. The emojized are all those who are getting creative with emojis, who support open source and have fun with the smiling faces in their own software. The

Like Sunglasses? (Live Support)

It is summer and we ask you if you like sunglasses ? are sunglasses your life? are you wearing sunglasses at night? click the emojis below. first for you like sunglasses in general, second sunglasses during the day, third sunglasses at night?.